Tooth Tips to Remineralize Your Teeth

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Your teeth are covered above the gum line by tooth enamel, an extremely strong oral substance that is tougher than any other component of your smile. However, despite its durability, tooth enamel can be weakened by acids and time, and when it disappears it is gone for good. Luckily, tooth enamel goes through a process called remineralization to strengthen itself. Even though the remineralization of tooth enamel is a natural process, we offer tips to help you enhance the strength of your teeth.

Be aware of the saliva produced in your smile, as it is full of properties that are beneficial to your dental health. One function of saliva is to flush out bacteria and food particles that gather on the teeth. Saliva also produces tooth-strengthening minerals to improve the enamel. If you practice healthy dental habits such as brushing and flossing on a daily basis, you can effectively remove any lingering plaque or bacteria that could weaken your smile.

We encourage you to choose wisely when selecting dental products. For example, do you know about the benefits of fluoride? Many dental products offer substances that protect the teeth against tooth decay, such as fluoride, calcium, casein phosphopeptide and amorphous calcium phosphate. These aid the tooth enamel in restoring its lost minerals to make remineralization more effective.

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