The Dental Brigade and Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

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How would you rank your oral health care? Do you feel you’re doing enough to brush and floss daily and clean your mouth out as needed? Even if you do believe you’re doing enough, it is important to remember that cleaning your mouth alone will often require additional work. All the cleaning in the world can’t help you if you continually put your teeth that risk due to dietary selections you may have.

You should never try to bite into products that are too hard for your teeth and gums to handle. This can include oversized candy canes, candy apples, corn on the cob or any other foods that may be too hard to bite into. Caution should always be used when eating harder foods even if you were able to successfully bite through them at a younger age.

Be aware that extremely acidic substances like a sour candy can chew through your tooth enamel. This is because they have a pH level that may be comparable to car battery acid. Limiting acidic products as much as possible and not eating them as stand-alone snacks can be very beneficial for your smile. Along the same lines, be aware that sugars and carbs can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth that can also eat through your tooth enamel.

Sticky and chewy sweets are known for causing dental damage because they can easily linger in your mouth long after consumption. Furthermore, they can be difficult to reach and difficult to wash away. The longer food debris and particles are in contact with your teeth and gums, the greater your risk for plaque buildup and tooth decay.

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