Dentistry Dynamics: Mouth Jewelry Risks

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Are you aware of the risks associated with mouth jewelry? Did you know that mouth jewelry can lead to several health risks including damage to your teeth and gums? To prevent issues associated with mouth jewelry, eliminate it from your life to keep your teeth functioning properly for a lifetime to come.

In several instances, mouth jewelry often has extremely hard pieces that can easily chip and crack your teeth. Furthermore, they can potentially break off and pose as choking hazards. If that wasn’t enough, mouth jewelry products are known for leading to infectious diseases such as hepatitis and endocarditis.

If you have any allergies or an extreme sensitivity to metals, be aware of the risks that wearing mouth jewelry can bring. Furthermore, always make sure that it is taken out when we need to clean out your teeth and gums, as it can be a hindrance to your daily cleaning routines. Even when mouth jewelry such as tongue rings are placed in your mouth, they can cause permanent nerve damage when they are inserted.

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