Dental Solutions for Damaged Teeth

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There are a multitude of ways that teeth can become damaged. Beyond the trauma of a violent accident to your mouth, there are the more mundane but all too common reasons of bad oral hygiene, and poor nutrition and diet. Less common but still a factor are family genetics or an unknown but underlying dental issue that has gone undiscovered. Whatever the reasons, addressing tooth damage helps to avoid future complications to your oral health.

Here at My Dentists, we have highly trained cosmetic dentists that will present to you the proper option for treatment that will fix your worn or damaged teeth. We can also help you figure out what are the underlying reasons why your teeth may have become susceptible to damage in the first place, if it is a condition that has happened over a period of time.

These are some of the treatments we provide for damaged teeth:

-Dental crowns cover a cadre of dental problems and they can be placed to cover or cap damaged teeth.

-Dental fillings shore up the holes in teeth made by tooth decay.

-Porcelain veneers help to fill ugly gaps in teeth, discoloration, cracks, and chips.

-Tooth bonding takes care of cracks and chips in teeth and also helps to realign a bite that has become misaligned.

If you have teeth that have become worn or damaged, come see Dr. Tom Pinnavaia to fix multiple issues. He will be happy to help you. Please contact My Dentists to make an appointment at: 704-375-8577, or come by our office in Charlotte, North Carolina.