All About the Facts of Mouthwash

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Do you know all there is to know about mouthwash? If not, it’s time to learn. The more you know about mouthwash, the better chance you have of choosing the right product and properly using it. So, our dentist, Dr. Tom Pinnavaia, is happy to tell you all about mouthwash in Charlotte, North Carolina, by sharing the following facts with you:

-Mouthwash, which is also known as mouth rinse or oral rinse, is a liquid that is swished in the mouth for a certain amount of time to clean the teeth, oral tissues and tongue.

-There are many different types of mouthwash available, like fluoride mouthwash, antibacterial mouthwash and cosmetic mouthwash. Fluoride mouthwash strengthens the teeth to help prevent cavities. Antibacterial mouthwash removes plaque from the smile to help prevent gum disease. Cosmetic mouthwash freshens the breath and sometimes whitens the teeth.

-The most beneficial mouthwashes to use are fluoride and antibacterial mouthwash because they can help boost your oral health.

-Make sure to rinse your mouth daily. There are instructions on the mouthwash label that can help you do so. Please don’t swallow the rinse.

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